Program OFFicer

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1) What did you dream of becoming when you were 10 years old and how do you spend most of your time now? 

At 10, I was pretty obsessed with Dinosaurs and Robin Hood.  I dreamt of becoming an Archaeologist or Robin himself.  Prince of Thieves came out the year I turned 10.  I loved how Robin Hood gave to the poorest families in Nottingham and I was particularly thrilled with the thought of living in a village of treehouses!  Now I spend most of my time working to support the eclectic and inspiring cast of social benefit organizations that QFF serves.  I also partner on trail development projects, grow my photo and film-making skills, press and ferment apple cider, generally embrace my curiosity, and enjoy searching for an ideal property in Maine where Hannah and I can thrive with friends and family. 


2) What organization and/or person do you admire and why?

I admire the founding directives of the United Nations because I think a thriving future for our world hinges on expanding our psychological sphere of care to the entire globe; all nations, all humans and all living species.  I admire Yvon Chouinard, the eco-forward founder of Patagonia, because he's resourceful and irreverent yet civil, respects science and research, cares for his employees and the environment, and proves that sticking to well-founded values is the most precious thing in business and life. 

3) What is your favorite place in Maine and what do you enjoy doing there?

Picking a favorite is really tough, but I'll say Apple Acres in Hiram, ME.  I love to be there with friends and family picking fruit, drinking hot cider and listening to live music overlooking the valley when the forest is tri-colored and the apples are ripe.  We've also spent hours taking full advantage of their "Apple Blaster", an adult-sized slingshot where you launch apples over a pond at a smiling target.  Such a blast!