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Hannah Quimby was raised in an off the grid cabin, surrounded by forest to explore, and hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine as a young adult. These experiences imbued her with a deep love for wilderness and an appreciation of how outdoor time and human health go hand in hand. She’s committed to supporting access to value forming outdoor experiences for all.

Hannah currently serves as Executive Director of the Quimby Family Foundation. She holds a graduate degree in Integrative Health, is a certified fitness instructor and nutritionist, and graduated from the 2015 Exponent Philanthropy Next Gen Fellows program.

Hannah is a trustee of three family foundations, serves on the board of the Children and Nature Network, is on the Advisory Board of the East Coast Greenway Alliance, and is an Outreach Ambassador with the Outdoors Empowered Network.

1) When you were 10 years old, what did you dream of doing when you grew up and how do you spend most of your time today?

When I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a truck driver or a major league baseball player. My friends Mom drove an 18-wheeler and her life seemed so full of freedom and adventure to a girl growing up in a small town in central Maine. By the time I was 20, I’d totaled a car, had tickets for reckless driving and criminal speeding, and recognized that driving for a living wasn’t in the cards for me. While I was better at sports than I was driving, the major leagues didn’t pan out either. Now my desire for freedom and adventure is fulfilled in the mountains while hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering-- though most of my time is spent at a desk and behind a computer screen. I also spend time volunteering with organizations that support the relationship between people and the natural environment, cooking, going to hear live music, running, working on photo projects, and visiting friends and family.

2) What organization and/or person do you admire and why?

I admire the female civil rights activists who were challenging injustice over 100 years ago--I'm in awe of the courage they possessed. I also admire the organizations that use their position of influence to address environmental, social, and economic issues, even when it may cause them to lose business, members, or donors.

3) What is your favorite place in Maine and what do you enjoy doing there?

My favorite place in Maine is Baxter State Park. I have memories there from so many different times in my life—hiking as a kid, reaching the park after six months on the Appalachian Trail, and climbing Katahdin with friends and family over the years. I recently discovered Traveler Mountain Loop, in the North end of the park, and hiking that circuit is my new favorite activity.