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Creating and supporting opportunities for people to consistently choose, and meaningfully experience, nearby nature and wilderness through movement and activity.

Strategies include (but are not limited to):

  • Deepening the bonds between people, nature, and one another through immersive wilderness journeys

  • Growing outdoor recreation events to discover nearby nature and commune with neighbors

  • Reducing barriers (social, physical, logistical) for people to access nearby nature and open space

  • Creating, promoting, or restoring parks, gardens, and green spaces

  • Addressing community disparities to encourage safe, equitable outdoor access

  • Promoting active transportation choices to benefit self and environment

  • Marketing successful programs and under-utilized nearby nature spaces

  • Building or improving trails for walking, hiking, biking, and winter travel

  • Partnering with healthcare professionals to champion movement as a tool - and nature as an asset - to support public health

  • Awakening instinctive bonds and exploring relationships that link humans with nature

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Empowering people to consistently choose regional and plant-based foods that restore human and environmental health.

Strategies include (but are not limited to):

  • Promoting participation in community gardens and farms

  • Growing knowledge and skills for selecting and preparing healthy, natural, local foods

  • Addressing community disparities to access affordable regional foods

  • Educating Mainers on the human and environmental health benefits of a regional, plant-based diet

  • Expanding gleaning, food waste reduction and composting programs

  • Advocating for healthier menu options within institutions

  • Building awareness and skills for regenerative, sustainable farming techniques

  • Awakening pride and joy from growing food in a family or community setting

  • Exploring ecological truths that link humans with nature through daily food choice

Featured Grantees




  • Funding Area: Nourishment

  • Amount Funded:

  • QFF Grant:

  • Alignment with QFF Mission & Values:

  • Website:




Mission: Gedakina is a multigenerational endeavor to strengthen and revitalize the cultural knowledge and identity of Native American youth, women, and families from across New England, and to conserve our traditional homelands and places of historical, ecological and spiritual significance.

  • Funding Area: Nourishment & Movement

  • Amount Funded: $25,000

  • QFF Grant: Expansion of women-led traditional indigenous agriculture at Sweet Land Farm’s planting fields; 2) Recovery of wild rice traditions in several locations from August-October; 3) Paddling outings May-November; Year-round outdoor activities including hiking, snowshoeing, medicine walks, and wild foods harvest

  • Alignment with QFF Mission & Values:

    • Empowered Health: Participants will learn new skills, which support a healthy lifestyle, which will last them a lifetime.

    • Mutually Beneficial: While program participants learn new skills that will benefit their personal health they will also be restoring connections to the natural environment to continue the culture of stewarding the earth.

    • Community Driven: Programs are developed and led by and for Native American community members.

    • Equitable: Grant funding supports an underrepresented population in the state of Maine.

  • Website:


Teens to Trails


Mission: Teens To Trails is dedicated to increasing the opportunities for Maine teens to experience the out-of-doors through the systematic creation of and ongoing support for high school Outing Clubs.

  • Funding Area: Movement

  • Amount Funded: $20,000

  • QFF Grant: General Operating Support to extend their reach to more distant and rural schools, especially in Northern Maine.

  • Alignment with QFF Mission & Values:

    • Equitable: T3 is deepening their commitment to partnering with schools outside of Southern Maine with the goal of reaching more underrepresented geographic regions throughout the state.

    • Empowered Health: Outing Clubs empower young people to learn new skills and take ownership of their health through active outdoor recreation.

    • Community Driven: The Outing Clubs are developed and implemented by students at each school with the support of T3.  The fact that teachers and students develop and run the clubs means the programs are more likely to be meaningful and relevant.

  • Website:


47 Daisies


Mission: The mission of 47 Daisies is to nurture community through sustainable cultivation of the highest quality food, preservation of the farm’s land base, and celebration of a vibrant future of farming, nature and the interconnections of human needs and whole ecosystems.

  • Funding Area: Nourishment

  • Amount Funded: $17,500

  • QFF Grant: The QFF Grant will support 47 Daisies Food Access Programs which seek to make locally grown food more accessible to people who are often excluded from participating in the robust local food movement. Specifically, QFF grant funding will support free and reduced cost CSA shares to people in need, free vouchers for produce through their KidsChef Program, intern stipends, and educational programming to encourage community connections.

  • Alignment with QFF Mission & Values:

    • Equitable: 47 Daisies programs provide healthy organic food to an underrepresented community in central Maine.

    • Empowered Health: 47 Daisies is developing a farm program for local youth who participate in the KidsChef program. The youth will not only learn how to cook, but they will have an opportunity to closely connect with the source of their food while spending time outdoors.

    • Connection: Their educational programs bring people together to learn new skills while connecting with one another.

  • Website: