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+ What types of organizations/projects does the Quimby Family Foundation support?

The Quimby Family Foundation is committed to growing human wholeness by fostering stronger relationships between people and nature. For a complete list of projects and organizations that we have supported please visit our grantees page.

+ Are there organizations/projects that the Quimby Family Foundation does not fund?

Yes. We do not fund:

  • Non-Maine based projects
  • Organizations without a 501(c)(3) certification (We will accept fiscal sponsors with certification)
  • Direct donations or grants to individuals
  • Organizations that are working on a project which may be aligned with one of our focus areas, but whose primary mission is not

We are unlikely to fund:

  • Nonprofits with an organziational budget over $2,000,000
  • Organizations based outside the state of Maine
  • Scholarships/Internships/Fellowships
  • Local, State, and National Government Agencies
  • Medical Research
  • Public or Private Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Large Human Service Organizations
  • Religious and/or faith-based institutions or programs that include religious activities
  • Animal Agriculture

+ Can we still receive funding if our organization is not based in Maine?

In rare instances we will fund an organization that is not based in Maine if their work is being done in the state of Maine. We do not currently fund projects outside of Maine.

+ How do I apply?

First, you need to submit a one-page concept letter describing the mission of your organization and the project for which you seek funding. We have two grant cycles per year, each specific to one of our focus areas. Concept letters must be uploaded through our website. Our board will then begin the review process. The second part of the application process happens only if our board approves your one-page proposal. If approved, you will receive instructions for completing a full application. Please review the deadlines for the application process carefully as we are not able to make any exceptions. Learn more about our application process here.

+ Can we meet with a Quimby Family Foundation representative to discuss our organization/grant?

We prioritize relationships with the nonprofit community in Maine and do our very best to be accessible and have face-to-face contact. You can reach out to us at any time to schedule a meeting and depending on our availability, we will either set up a time to meet in person or schedule a brief phone conversation. During our two grant cycles, we have limited time and generally need to respond to inquiries/questions via email or by setting up a brief phone call. Due to our small staff size and open process, we receive more requests than we can accomodate, and may not always be able to honor your request to talk. If your organization is selected to submit a grant application we generally schedule a meeting and/or site visit with you. Please carefully review our webiste and FAQ page, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, submit questions to questions@quimbyfamilyfoundation.org. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

+ Can we apply for more than one project?

No. We will review only one project per organization. If you have more than one project in mind, please feel free to give us a call so we can determine the best alignment.

+ How much do you fund?

The Quimby Family Foundation awards grants up to $25,000. We provide a very small number of larger investments on an invitation-only basis. Please refrain from making larger requests as we’ve found this can decrease our capacity to be in good communication with all applicants.

+ What if I am not a 501c3?

Qualifying organizations are required to have a current tax-exempt status 501-c3 designation or a fiscal agent with 501-c3 status.

+ Do you support general operating expenses?

Yes. We definitely understand the need for general operating expenses so that your organization can continue to do great work.

+ Do you do multi-year grants?

Not in a traditional sense. For our open application process, there is no limit to the number of consecutive years that you can apply and/or be funded.

+ What is expected from grantees?

When an organization receives a grant we want to know about successes and challenges throughout the year as well as the impact of the grant. We will provide additional details upon receiving a grant.

+ I missed the deadline!

Unfortunately, we are not able to make ANY exceptions to our deadlines. We hope that you will consider applying for the next grant cycle.

+ Where do I find your application?

If your one-page concept letter is approved, and you are invited to apply for funding, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting a full application.

+ What is your mailing address?

We love to hear from you and we also try to reduce the amount of paper we send and receive. Please continue to send any letters or photos via email – this also allows us to easily share with all of our board members.

+ Does the Quimby Family Foundation provide funding to Arts organizations?

For twelve years, the Quimby Family Foundation made grants to art organizations. In late 2016, a separate foundation was created, The Roxanne Quimby Foundation, which focuses on the arts in Maine. The Quimby Family Foundation no longer funds arts nonprofits. For more information on the RQ Foundation, please write: roxannequimbyfoundation@gmail.com

+ Additional Questions?

Please e-mail us at questions@quimbyfamilyfoundation.org