Rachelle Quimby

Rachelle Quimby was born in Akron, Ohio. Growing up she lived all over the Northeast and Midwest. She graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Hotel Administration in 1975. While at Cornell University, she participated in a one semester internship in San Francisco at the Hotel St. Francis. She moved to San Francisco after graduation to work again for the Hotel St. Francis. Two years later she enrolled in a graduate program and in 1979 earned an M.B.A. in Finance from San Francisco State University. Her work experience included hotels and finance companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She left the business world in 1991. Seven years later she started to work again. This time it was for Burt’s Bees, Inc. where she worked until the company was sold in 2003.

Rachelle has traveled to many countries. Her most memorable travel was two years spent living in Central and South America with just the contents of a large duffel bag. This “living with less” lifestyle resonated with her and upon returning to the US, she continued to live a simple life. Almost 20 years later, she continues to find her environmental passion rooted in simplicity.

Her most meaningful outdoor experience was a 4,002 mile bicycle adventure in 2000 covering all of New Zealand and the east coast of Australia.Her favorite pastimes include pilates, volunteering at a thrift shop in Marin County, bhakti yoga, reading, attending the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Symphony, and the San Francisco Ballet.

She currently lives in San Francisco just a short walk from the spectacular Golden Gate National Recreation Area. For Rachelle it is gift to serve on the Board of Directors of the Quimby Family Foundation with its mission to advance wilderness values and to increase access to the arts in Maine.

Welcome to the Quimby Family Foundation! The foundation was formed in 2004 by Roxanne Quimby - an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and philanthropist with the vision to advance wilderness values and to increase access to the arts throughout Maine. In 2005, we began accepting proposals and awarding grants to Maine based nonprofits focused on the arts and the environment. In 2014, a decade after the foundation was created, we added Healthy Living as an additional funding priority, and in early 2016 we entered a planning period with the goal of refining our mission and grant making strategy. The Board of Directors is composed of Quimby family members spanning two generations and we recently added an Advisory Board with extended family and community members.

It is a great privilege for our family to be engaged in this work and to learn from visionary leaders across the state of Maine. We are inspired and encouraged by organizations that are working tirelessly to protect the health of the natural environment and its inhabitants. Our family considers the work of the foundation as one of our greatest opportunities and responsibilities and we look forward to working with visionary organizations for years to come!


We envision thriving Maine communities empowered by reciprocal relationships with nature. We see people connecting with, eating from, and ultimately caring for Maine's farms, woods, and waters.


To grow human wholeness by fostering stronger relationships between people and nature.

Human Wholeness: To us, human wholeness is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. We believe in the inherent value of nature to advance all four.

Our Commitments:

We strive to work collaboratively, guided by the following commitments:

  • We respect our partners time and commit to being accessible and responsive
  • We commit to a culture of learning for our board, staff, and partners
  • We commit to reasoned risk taking and creative problem solving
  • We commit to listening and we seek feedback from all directions to encourage open communication and to foster collaboration
  • We commit to honesty & transparency
  • We commit to steward the foundations resources with the utmost integrity and care as we advance the foundation's mission


We prioritize projects that contribute to our desired impacts and exemplify our values.

  • Community Driven
    Projects that are driven by and responsive to needs within the community are more likely to be relevant, meaningful, and successful.

    Further, projects that have been developed and/or implemented with input and active involvement from community stakeholders and target populations contribute to the community connection and empowerment we seek.

  • Equitable
    We prioritize projects that support human wholeness for underrepresented populations and geographic regions throughout the state of Maine.

  • Mutually Beneficial
    We prioritize projects that support the health of people and the planet and recognize the symbiotic relationship between the two.

  • Empowered Health
    We prioritize projects that empower individuals and communities to take ownership of their health through preventative/proactive nutrition and outdoor recreation.